Interactive intelligent video

Powered by VML

Transform how your organisation uses video with your own Secure Broadcast platform

Video as individual as each viewer

Video Markup Language (VML) is an industry-first technology enabling the real-time convergence of data and video

VML creates interactive and personalised video in nanoseconds on the user's device

Video only exists at the time of viewing meeting global data privacy and security requirements

VML enables two-way communication within video. Interactive elements such as questionnaires, polls and calls to action offer a viewing experience like no other

Full control and engagement with today's fast moving audiences

Creation to Consumption

All your media fully controlled within the platform and a suite of Apps. With automated branding, subtitles and translation. A full audit trail from creation to sign off and distribution. A full suite of tools to capture, edit and publish.

Everyone Can Create

Capture valuable moments that would otherwise pass by with a powerful, easy to use mobile App. All of your team members can now securely record and edit, wherever and whenever they want.

On-Brand Every Time

Your approved branding is instantly applied to each video. You can easily switch between sub-brands or campaign graphics at the touch of a button.

Your Teams Connected

No more file sharing and version control headaches. You can now collaborate and work seemlessly on the same video project from multiple locations.

Share It

Video can be shared quickly and conveniently to keep pace with your audience, with only approved users having export rights - you’re always in control.

Create a shareable link or embed on your site

Export direct to your social channels

Create links direct to your email

Download to a local device

Key Features

Cross Platform

Platform agnostic solution with dedicated native applications for the best experience on every device.

Automated Subtitling

Auto-transcribed and displayed to suit your brand. Edit and verify to ensure only correct words are displayed

Enterprise Level Control

Tiered user access, tagging and digital consent provides you with complete oversight and control. No videos can leave the platform without sign-off.

Data Privacy

Control and own all of your organisation's video data, whilst being compliant with GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy laws.

End-to-End Encryption

Military grade security is automatically built in to every video recorded and stored on the platform.

Transform Engagement with your audience today!