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Secure Broadcast gives you the control you need to power your video communications strategy - on a global scale. With distributed creation and secure compliance procedures it enables your organisation to reach new audiences in new ways.

Secure, Compliant,
GDPR Ready.

A secure video ecosystem which gives you the oversight and controls to meet data privacy regulations.

Create, Manage and
Distribute In-House.

Your own in-house end-to-end platform providing rapid, cost-effective video production and distribution.

Engage Audiences.
Enhance your Brand.

Connect with increasingly diverse, always on audiences with on-brand, professional content.

A new form of Video

We provide our clients with video platforms which combine an uncompromising approach to compliance, security and data privacy, with a patented technology which transforms how video can be created, adapted and shared with multiple audiences.

With intuitive, beautifully designed mobile interfaces - All of this can be achieved by your own teams, reducing the dependence on traditional video production methods.

It’s a combination which is rewriting the rules of video.

Place video at the heart of your communications strategy.

Empower your team to rapidly create, manage and securely distribute professional, automatically-branded video.

With an in-house Media Studio, Broadcast Centre and Media Kits the end-to-end video creation, control and distribution is in your hands.

Video can be captured spontaneously in-house or at live events, edited easily and after compliance sign-off, content is ready in minutes to be pushed to any device, social media, private websites, TV networks etc.

A seamless flow of communication from creation, sign-off to distribution.

Secure Broadcast on iPhone

“Create content quickly, edit on the spot, upload rapidly and drive through the approval process really quickly. It is a lot cheaper and a lot more versatile than having a third party camera crew doing it for you.”

Keir Woods, Oncology Business Unit Head at Merck

Enterprise Security

Secure. Compliant. Trusted.

Achieve GDPR Compliance.

Advanced security mechanisms and deep search algorithms, enables organisations to tag, identify and control Personally Identifiable information contained in video assets at all times. Your organisation is now in position to meet the new GDPR compliance demands.

Security & Privacy: No Compromise.

With end-to-end encryption and data privacy guarantees, you are free to explore and innovate in new levels of video engagement. Organisations are now safe in the knowledge they are protected at all times. We never sell or share information to marketing organisations.

Enterprise ready.

With flexible architecture, hands on product training, and a dedicated R&D team of media experts, Secure Broadcast is committed to supporting and future proofing your enterprise video strategy.

ISO 27001 certified.

ISO 27001 is the premiere information security management accreditation. International best-practice information security processes mitigate all security threats and securely protect customer data.

IS0 27001 Certification

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